ALPI UK Charity Donations

ALPI UK Charity Donations

2022 has been another difficult year for many and therefore, more so than ever before, it is important that at this time of year we make time for colleagues, friends, and family.

This year Alpi UK once again asked their staff to nominate charitable organisations who may have personally helped and supported them or their families through a particularly difficult period of their life.

The staff replied with an abundance of enthusiasm and the chosen charities for Alpi UK’s 2022 Charity Donations were:  Maggie’s, St Luke’s Hospice, Forget Me Not Support Group and the Amputation Foundation.

Alpi UK chosen employee nominations below:



Maggie’s have centres up and down the country that help cancer patients and their families in all sorts of different aspects of living with cancer and dealing with the treatment.  They were a great help to my dad and my family during his battle with cancer, especially during the covid years as they were the only place still open during the lockdowns to provide support. Maggie’s did so much for me and my family during my dad’s last two years.

Cameron Smith – Manchester


St Luke’s Hospice

St Luke’s is a hospice that provides care and support for people who have an incurable illness. For us as a family their support and amazing care was invaluable especially in the last year of my Mum’s life.

My Mum had a stroke in 2016 which left her semi paralysed.  She was diagnosed with heart failure and had significant breathing problems in her last year, this was a daily struggle for my dad. St Luke’s One Response Team supported my family throughout this time and most importantly supported with night care when they had availability. They also helped by sitting with my Mum once a week to allow my dad to either sleep or have some time for himself. 

Jackie Gradwell – Basildon


Forget Me Not Support Group

I lost a baby at 6 months pregnant and then just recently my wife lost a baby with an ectopic pregnancy.  Without the support of this charity, I am not sure where I honestly would be today.

They have helped us physically and mentally through a time we really needed support.

This wonderful group of people do outstanding work for so many, down to the wonderful baby loss gardens at Pitsea crematorium, and the forget-me-not room situated privately away from the wards at Basildon Hospital.  This all enables families to say goodbye to their babies when they are born sleeping.

Nadia Molyneux – Basildon


Amputation Foundation

In 1978 my mother-in-law was on holiday in Tunisia with her family and was involved in a cycling accident.  The accident resulted in a coach driving into her bike and she suffered a serious injury to her leg.  She was taken into hospital, where they managed to try to save her limb.  Diana nearly died at this point, and it was only by chance her parents got her back to the UK quickly and to Stockport Infirmary they identified that the leg was seriously infected and if they didn't amputate immediately, she would die.

Diana had a false leg at the age of 33 and had 2 children who were 4 and 10 years old. There was very little support as artificial limbs are expensive and take a long time to make.  After seeing for myself the lack of funds available for the support of amputees, I don't think people realise the suffering that amputees go through.  Unfortunately, Diana has since unexpectedly and suddenly passed away making this charity close to my heart.

Anthony Lavell – Manchester