Multiple Vendors

Multiple Origins

High Seasonality

Shorter Product Life Cycles

Vendor Management

Extensive Network

Service Segmentation

Flexible Supply Chain

Fast Moving Goods, by definition, have a short product life cycle. In addition, challenges to this trade include a high volume of vendors of all sizes and shipping expertise, a wide variety of goods of various sizes and shipping requirements, and high seasonality.

The ALPI Network is equipped with processes, skills, and systems specifically geared to the consumer goods sector. ALPI's staff has strong experience in managing complicated orders, building important vendor relationships, and finding the best solutions to ensure swift and transparent delivery of consumer goods.

A solid Purchase Order Management System (POMS) gives visibility of the status of orders at every step, aligning databases and providing consistency and compliance upon arrival. ALPI's customs solution offers an integrated customs clearance tool that is compliant with customs regulations, both for export and import trades. Additionally, ALPI has developed a loyal network of service providers that can guarantee consistency of service during peak times.

Specific expertise and a dedicated Key Account Management structure are at the heart of the ability to manage this industry, providing customers with a high quality buying/shipping experience. ALPI has built a consistent track record and framed its organization to support customers in this time sensitive industry.