Multiple Vendors

Stock Lots

Legislation Compliance

Customs Regulations

Strong PO Management System

Certifications & Bureaucracy Mgmnt

Procedures Knowledge

Integrated Brokerage Service

Department Stores are an extremely important part of our business: the complexity of their supply chain perfectly fits our problem-solving attitude.

Traits such as multiple vendors spread on every economic area, multiple articles of various nature and composition and high-seasonality based on consumer behavior all create stressful trade conditions which need to be managed professionally. ALPI's Purchase Order Management System (POMS) works with an effective EDI link allowing our Department Store customers to upload their POs and control their lifecycle from pickup to store delivery.

Urgency and prioritization matters when it comes to department stores and opportunistic buying: stock lots, job lots, etc. create an economic advantage if you come at the right time, at the right place. Partnering with our clients, we help to create a smooth and efficient supply chain, moving goods quickly and in excellent condition, with proper documentation in compliance with customs and VAT regulations. ALPI's proven expertise and dedicated Key Account Management structure tackle the challenges relating to this market, helping our customers experience a flawless buying/shipping experience.