From our experience in the logistics area, a new Start-up from Albini&Pitigliani was born dedicated to E-Commerce: X4ManS-Performance Srl.

We developed an innovated and integrated solution to simplify online sales.

Do you know how many complexities brings an E-commerce? X4ManS is an integrator of solutions and was developed to guide companies that don’t have a full knowledge of the digital system.

We can fulfill every aspect to sell your products online.

  1. Website & App: we choose the right platform to develop your e-commerce after a careful analyze of your necessities and make your website accessible for any kind of device.
  2. Logistics: we offer a complete infrastructure with tools and software to manage every logistic aspect of your e-commerce: quality control, integration of ERP and CRM, personalized packaging, collaboration with couriers and reverse management.
  3. Web Marketing: we schedule strategies to promote your e-commerce and program activities that permit you to be found in search engines and on social networks.
  4. Customer Service: we dedicate the best experts to satisfy all client requests. Our solution foresees two phases: Pre-sales to be able to guide the user to the purchase and Aftersales for customer loyalty.

A single point of reference for your online business can turn your management more efficient maximizing your sales.

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Ask information without any commitment at the following e-mail address or call our number 055 8811457.