Shorter Product Life Cycles

Inventory Management

Supply Chain Support

Tracing & Visibility

Flexible Supply Chain

Easy Data Integration

SCM Expertise

Strong PO Management System

The High Tech industry by definition moves with lightening speed. Cost pressures and shrinking product life cycles put pressure on the high tech supply chain. ALPI works closely with our customers to find custom business solutions that fit our customers' needs.

ALPI has developed a flexible business model that allows shippers and importers to comply with document regulations and volume expectations. Despite the best industrial planning, new products always become urgent and service providers must effectively negotiate guaranteed space on trucks, ocean carriers, and aircraft. With over 75 years of experience in business relations, ALPI has developed a trusted network of business partners giving us the ability to ship in a secure environment without incurring backlogs.

Visibility is another key figure in an industry that is driven by inventory management; through our Purchase Order Management System (POMS), ALPI can give visibility to our High Tech customers of where their goods are at every moment, allowing a continuous and transparent supply chain.

Our Integrated Logistics division provides Pick&Pack operations, ticketing, labelling, quality control, storage, postponement operations and various other value-added activities at most ALPI facilities. These value-added operations help our customers ship effectively and in a timely manner without holding products at origin for completion operations.

Lastly, security is vital in the high tech sector. ALPI has developed security solutions to protect high value products vulnerable to pilferage and damages. Goods are protected through intense security processes and certifications, implementation of state of the art procedures for our business partners, and equipment for all of our facilities.