1995-Today The ALPI World

The last 20 years have seen a new round of redefinition of ALPI’s potential to broaden its borders into new ventures.

Whilst the Third Generation accompanied Fabrizio, Piero and Ferdinando into their leadership, the company made two major acquisitions, on two strategic tradelanes with Trans-Bavaria in Germany in 2002 and with Galax in France in 2005.

These aquisitions set a new way for ALPI to expand its horizon through external growth and business integration.

Understanding that there is no effective integration without control, ALPI invested in its own ICT platform and implemented it throughout its network, to streamline processes and establish coherent communication. So was born The ALPI World.

The first decade of the Century have seen ALPI enhance its service portfolio with all services related to Supply Chain Management, such as Freight and Transportation, Customs Clearance, Integrated Logistics and Expo Management, throughout its entire network.

This growth needed to be managed with company values and corporate culture; so in 2009 the first Annual ALPI Convention was launched, a three day long event held in Prato, where 200+ representatives from throughout the Network travel to share strategies, stories, good food and have fun together as a team.

“Integrated growth is currently our top priority and all our decisions are consistent with that goal “ - says the President, Dr. Piero Albini.

Today ALPI reaches 70 years in business, a unique achievment for a family run company that still reflects the same values it fostered in 1945, when two old friends and colleagues in Prato, rented a truck and commenced what would lead to a global company in the freight and transportation industry.