We believe that Communication today can cast the difference between Satisfaction and Chaos.

ALPI is investing a lot in technologies that can help customers and vendors communicate more effectively and operate more efficiently.

1. ERP
Supply chain industry is very segmented and all major companies have created their own way to operate; for this reason ALPI has developed its own ERP based upon our customers' requests and needs. Today our system integrates all modes and services into a shared database that covers all our main offices.
Operated through the cloud, it is reachable from any device at all times; its security backbone allows a safe storage of data and encrypted protocols of communication.

The system is bundled into its three main components:

a) Purchase Order Management System: POMS
b) Freight Management System: FMS
c) Warehouse Management System: WMS

2. Electronic Data Interchange
ALPI's system is very flexible and can easily interact with our customers' or vendors' system, populating data and being perfectly aligned at info level.

We use different protocols depending on our customer's experience or request: EDI, XML, FTP, WebService, etc.

ALPI System is very flexible and can be amended at customer's request.

3. Web Tools
We have developed an interactive Web page that allows our customers to access:

  1. KPI reports
  2. Track&Trace
  3. Electronic booking of shipment
  4. Commercial documents downloading (invoices, packing list or certificate of shipments)

Our Web Tool is in continuous development and its platform will be enhanced shortly to allow further operations.

4. Business Intelligence
At ALPI we think interpreting the market is critical to effective decision-making.
For this reason we have invested in a dynamic Business Intelligence tool that allows different views of the market data and helps us, our customers and our vendors to get a more integrated view of the supply chain.
Our Business Intelligence has three levels: Operative, Tactical and Strategical. 

5. Collaboration Tools
Data Interchange between systems is not always the best solution in terms of effectiveness or economics. To cover all needs that may arise from sharing unstructured information, ALPI has developed some collaboration tools that help to consistently share all kinds of information and data in a safe environment, through an authenticated user sign on.

6. Social
In recent years Social Networks have shown the opportunity to reach distant peers safely and effectively; ALPI is building an internal communication system based on the utilization of social networks connecting all components of the ALPI World.
We predict this technology will be an effective way to communicate with customers and vendors in the future, and we are investing in this direction.

7.   Radio Frequency and Barcode
All our logistics and freight warehouses are equipped with Radio Frequency technology to prevent mistakes and get a better tracking of all goods that go through our warehouses.
At any moment our ERP is able to tell exactly where your goods are, located in the warehouse, in the belly of a truck, or delivered at destination directly at box level.