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Mechatronics is one of the leading industries in Italy and Europe; it serves multiple industries such as aerospace, automotive, medical, etc. Goods related to this industry require a strong focus on time and process.

Replenishment programs, production planning, and just-in-time manufacturing and deliveries are at the heart of this everchanging industry. Service providers must adapt their role to respect these requirements.

ALPI has developed a strong Purchase Order Management System (POMS) through which our customers can get visibility to the status of their POs from the vendor's door to their final destination.

ALPI is able to perform postponement operations, in terms of kitting and assembling, at most of our facilities. More and more often our customers are asking us to support them in their Vendor Managed Inventories, where our ALPI facility can be used as a storage area, processing center and pick and pack operator.

Finally, heavy machinery and spare parts require efficient loading, whatever the mode of transport. Our personnel is trained and equipped to properly store mechanical parts so that they are safely stowed and efficiently treated, resulting in lower shipping rates.