High Seasonality

Time-Definite Deliveries

Data Integration

Prevention of Pilferage & Losses

Flexible Supply Chain

Active Fleet Management

Strong PO Management System

Strict Security Procedures

The Fashion business has always been at the heart of ALPI's strategy. During our 76 year history, taking care of the fashion industry has been the Fil Rouge (the guiding thread) that has accompanied our growth.

From raw materials, to managing semifinished articles, up to the finished product, ALPI has developed specific techniques to solve problems that may arise in this everchanging industry.

Fashion products are linked to a high seasonality that requires additional space during peak periods; our flexible supply chain and our ability to negotiate guaranteed space with our carriers and partners prevents the stress that high seasonality can cause.

More and more it is crucial for our customers in this segment to know where their goods are at any time. ALPI's integrated Track&Trace solution gives state of the art visibility of the status of your shipments. Our Purchase Order Management System (POMS) is able to provide evidence of the history of your selling and buying orders.

High-end retailers and main street wholesalers alike are requiring time-definite deliveries, and because of this, Supply Chain operators need to maintain control of the deliveries up to the very last minute. ALPI has developed strategic partnerships with top-class service providers, enabling us to deliver specifically at the time and place requested by our customers.

Security is another hot topic for the fashion industry. ALPI has developed security solutions to protect luxury products which are particularly vulnerable to pilferage and damages. Goods are protected through intense security processes and certifications, implementation of state of the art procedures for our business partners, and equipment for all of our facilities.

Finally, ALPI is able to provide much needed value-added solutions and services to our fashion clients. Our Integrated Logistics division, one of ALPI's fastest growing divisions, is able to provide Pick&Pack operations, ticketing, labelling, quality control, storage, postponement operations and various other value-added activities. We will listen to your needs and work with you to find opportunities that will save you time and money.