The ALPI Group handles thousands of TEUS every year and has established contracts with selected carriers based on their space availability and service reliability per every single route.

Being an NVOCC ALPI can take care of every phase of the shipping process, from consolidation to warehousing or organization of special services containerized or not. With customs clearance specialist worldwide. 

ALPI, already AEO certified, is able to clear your cargo in every circumstance helping your goods to follow their path in a smooth way.

We regularly file pre-clearing of the goods so that your cargo is customs cleared before the ship arrives and it's ready to be delivered skipping bottlenecks and cutting total transit time.

Our offer can cover any type of sea shipment:

LCL – Less than a Container Loads

In case you don't have enough goods to fill up a Full container ALPI can pick up your goods and consolidate them with other customers goods in a single container to be sent to destination. Service and cost are crucial to this movement and security requirements as well as standard processes are in place to guarantee Customer Satisfaction.

FCL - Full Container Loads

Being an NVOCC ALPI can arrange Full Container loads from your factory and all proper documentation to send the container to destination safe and clear.


For more economic solutions but still very competitive in terms of total transit time, ALPI can organize multimodal solutions based on the location of its International hubs, combining Air and Sea movements for more convenient deliveries. 

Our skilled personnel will help you trace the best routing of your goods in terms of cost and service.


Get your country's implementation guidelines and regulations through these links:


Europe & Africa

Asia & Australia

Here is the form below, that every shipper will have to fill up in order to comply with SOLAS regulation:

- Verified Gross Mass SOLAS

- Certificazione Peso SOLAS


The ocean containers are pieces of iron that are frequently exposed to bad and severe weather conditions. Some type of products are sensible to these kind of fluctuations, therefore sometimes reefer containers are needed, especially related to the food industry.

However there are periods of the year where these conditions are mitigated but still need some attention and, in some cases, customer might suffer the extra costs of a reefer service either where it wouldn't be strictly needed.

ALPI has developed a good expertise on an alternative solution that brings cost benefits to its customers, by utilising Templiner materials.

In the video it is shown how quickly and efficiently ALPI can implement this solution wherever and whenever it's needed.

Not only it is good for our customers, whereby it is easier to implement this solution rather than booking and operating a reefer container, but it is also good for the environment as the materials are reusable and there is no energy consumption involved.

So please enjoy the video while ALPI takes care of your goods: