In all our premises an alarm system has been installed to protect the entire property against intrusions, and all cargo held in the warehouse are constantly controlled by a video surveillance system which, apart form security purposes, also guarantees smooth assemblage as well as on-loading and off-loading of all cargo.

The following systems and methods are used by Albini & Pitigliani for safety and security:

  • Personal badge for access control in every room of our premises
  • Intrusion detection system - 24 hours
  • Emergency alert - 24 hours
  • Temperature control
  • Fire alarm system
  • High resolution CCTV camera system - digital video recording 24 hours
  • Access controlled by security company
  • Observing the company security policy, many security system guidelines have been introduced into our warehouses. The input is controlled by an emergency alert software which instantly broadcasts evacuation and other urgent messages immediately.
  • The emergency broadcasts are delivered to each sector and room of the warehouses. The access control and all security systems are managed by corporate security and local private security company.
  • Our CCTV monitoring system supplies - on request to corporate security - insurance company information loss, damage and for any internal and external official investigation.

The following official certifications have been granted to Albini & Pitigliani:

  • C-TPAT - Customs Trade Partnership Against Terrorism  of  U.S. Customs and Border Protection
  • I.C.A.O. - International Civil Aviation Organization
  • I.A.T.A. International Air Transport Association
  • ENAC - Regulated Agent of National Civil Aviation Organization
  • AEO - European Customs Authorized Economic Operator
  • ASIS - American Society of Industrial Security 
  • SSM UNI 10459 Cepas/Accredia - Standard Certification of Senior Security Manager
  • TAPA - Transported Asset Protection Association

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